The Students/Staff can BORROW the LIBRARY Books from the Central Library according to the following rules:

  1. Library will function from 8 AM to 10 PM. During the period of University Exam (Tentative period :April-July &Nov-Jan), Library Will function 8 A.M to 11.30 PM.
  2. User should maintain absolute silence in the Library.
  3. User should bring their College Identity card & Library Borrower’s card otherwise Library books will not be issued.
  4. Users are entitled to borrow only one book at a time for the period of 7 days only. Book will be issued under signature of the student in the register.
  5. They have to return the books on or before the due date specified.
  6. If they have failed to return the books before the due date they have to pay a fine of Re.10/-per day.
  7. Without informing to the Librarian if the users keep the book for more than one week, they will loose the privilege of Membership.
  8. Books are to be returned to the Library whenever called for even at short notice.
  9. The borrowers should not detect any pages or figures from the books. Those Students who have borrowed the book last time that user will be responsible for any such damages which necessitate the replacement of the book. Therefore the borrowers are requested to check the book and borrowing.
  10.  If the borrower losses any book He/She has to replace the book (Same edition) or pay treble the cost of the book (according to the present market rate) at the end of the course they have to return all the books & get clearance and no due certificate from the Librarian.
  11.  Users are requested to return the books in good/proper condition.
  12.  If the user losses His/Her Library Card, He/She will be held responsible for the books  borrowed on that Card. Duplicate Card will be issued only on payment of prescribed fee Rs.10/-
  13.  Books will be issued & returned only during the issue timings of the Library (8AM to 4PM).
  14.  For reference purpose, all users are allowed to use the Library between prescribed hours.
  15.  Students personal books will not allowed inside the library & after the issue of book the student is not allowed to carry the  same book inside the Library.
  16.  Library books will not be issued to the non teaching staff (If they need books required permission from the Principal.)
  17.  Users must enter the Library without Apron, if with Apron Users enter the   Library they should Pay the fine Rs.10

Duties of Library Users:

  • Always carry your MVJMC&RH/Library ID Card when coming to the library.
  • Do not damage any material in the library.
  • Do not tear, fold or underline pages of books, journals or magazines.
  • Inform Library-In-charge if anyone is found involved in any suspicious activity in the library premises.
  • Maintain silence in the library premises.
  • Return Books on time.
  • Do not dislocate books from its position on the shelves, if not required for consultation.
  • Be polite and gentle in your demeanor.
  • Borrowers have to observe the physical condition of the books/journals before borrowing and return them in the same condition. Any damage at the time of issue should be informed to the issuing staff, otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage noticed at the time of returning.
  • Keep your library, including the lawns outside, clean. Drop all the litter in the litter bins provided inside the reading rooms and around the library lawns.
  • Request others to do the same.