Specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the ear, nose and throat.

Department of ENT at M.V.J

The Department of ENT has fully equipped ENT OT with operating microscope, microsurgical instruments and a complete functional endoscopic sinus surgery unit. It also has got well-experienced staff both for undergraduate and Post graduate teaching.

Facilities for conducting out door ENT camps with portable Audiometry are available.

A well equipped minor OT including diagnostic Endoscopic unit and also Temporal Bone Lab to facilitie PG Teaching is available in OPD.

The department is also conducting specialty clinics like Cancer clinic, Speech and Hearing clinic, Vertigo clinic once a week.

Faculty List
Name of the staff
Date of Joining
Date of Promotion
Attendance of June 2019
Dr. B.V. Chandregowda MBBS MS (ENT) Professor & HOD, Vice Principal and Medical Superidentent 02.04.2018 _ 30 days
Dr. Nagaraj B.T. MBBS, MS [ENT] Professor 18.07.2007 From Assistant Professor to Associate Professor w.e.f. 18.07.2011 and from Associate Professor to Professor w.e.f. 02.08.2014 30 days
Dr. S. Juthika Rai MBBS MS (ENT) Assistant Professor 21.06.2018 _ 29 days
Dr. Marie Christy Sharafine Stephen MBBS MS (ENT) Senior Resident 06.08.2018 _ 26 days
Dr. Aishwarya .S MBBS PG Cum Junior Resident 20-04-2017 _ 29 days
Dr. Madhuri . .G MBBS PG Cum Junior Resident 11.05.2018 _ 29.5 days
Dr. Rakshita Ramesh Kamath MBBS PG Cum Junior Resident 11.05.2018 _ 30 days
Dr. Albin Baby MBBS PG Cum Junior Resident 22.05.2019 27 days
Dr. Nivedita Narayankar MBBS PG Cum Junior Resident 22.05.2019 29 days