Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Forensic medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with medico legal aspects of health sciences, components of toxicology and ethics.

Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at M.V.J

The department is well equipped for undergraduate training.

The Museum of the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology has a rare collection of photographs and exhibits. These include weapons, poisons, wet specimens, toxicological specimens, skeletons, bones, etc. All photographs and exhibits are neatly catalogued.

The department has a Mortuary in the Hospital campus. Medico-legal Post Mortems are conducted here and the autopsies can be witnessed by students from the Gallery. A separate cold storage facility is also available for the cadavers.

Faculty List
Name of the staff
Date of Joining
Date of Promotion
Attendance of April 2019
Dr.Anjanamma.T.C MBBS, MD Forensic Medicine Professor&HOD 20.02.2014 20.02.2017 (From Assoc.Prof. to Prof.&HOD) 28 days
Dr.Praveen Athani MBBS, MD Forensic Medicine Professor 25.06.2010 25.06.10: Asst.Prof. 26.07.14: Asst.Prof. to Assoc.Prof. 02.11.17: Assoc.Prof. to Prof. 30 days
Dr.Vijaya.N.M MBBS, MD Forensic Medicine Asst.Prof. 15.06.2015 05.03.2016 (From Tutor to Asst. Prof.) 30 days
Dr.Hari Prasad.V MBBS, MD Forensic Medicine Asst.Prof. 01.03.017 - 30 days
Dr.Lokesh.M MBBS Tutor 18.02.2019 - 07 days
Dr.Suraj.C.N MBBS Tutor 21.03.2019 - 30 days